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When the oil change message appears in Additives and Chemicals the information display, it is time for an oil This owner's manual and the Ford change. Make sure you perform the oil Workshop Manual list the recommended change within two weeks or 555 miles additives and chemicals for your vehicle.

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Maintenance Working with the Engine On GENERAL INFORMATION WARNING Have your vehicle serviced regularly to help maintain its roadworthiness and resale To reduce the risk of vehicle damage value. There is a large network of and/or personal burn injuries, do not authorized dealers that are there to help start your engine with the air cleaner you with their professional servicing.

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Climate Control Recommended Settings for Cooling Vehicle with manual climate control Vehicle with automatic climate control Adjust the fan speed to the center Press the AUTO button. setting. Adjust the temperature control to the Adjust the temperature control to the midway point of the cold settings.

Audio System Seek, Fast Forward and Reverse: In radio mode, select a frequency band and press this button. The system stops at the first station it finds in that direction. In SIRIUS mode, press to select the next or previous satellite radio station.

Cruise Control Following a Vehicle WARNINGS When following a vehicle, your vehicle does not decelerate automatically to a stop, nor does your vehicle always decelerate quickly enough to avoid a crash without driver intervention. Always apply the brakes when E669855 necessary.

Appendices PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR export laws, rules or regulations prohibit NON-INFRINGEMENT. Some States, HERE from complying with any of its Territories and Countries do not allow obligations hereunder to deliver or certain warranty exclusions, so to that distribute Data, such failure shall be extent the above exclusion may not apply excused and shall not constitute a breach to you.

Capacities and Specifications VEHICLE CERTIFICATION TRANSMISSION CODE LABEL DESIGNATION E667969 E667869 The National Highway Traffic Safety The transmission code is on the Safety Administration Regulations require that a Compliance Certification Label. The Safety Compliance Certification Label be following table shows the transmission affixed to a vehicle and prescribe where code along with the transmission the Safety Compliance Certification Label.

Maintenance If the coolant level is at or below the 8. Refill with engine coolant as soon as minimum mark, add prediluted coolant possible. immediately. Water alone, without engine coolant, can To top up the coolant level do the cause engine damage from corrosion, following: overheating or freezing.

Seats The head restraints consist of: WARNINGS Install the head restraint properly to An energy absorbing head help minimize the risk of neck injury restraint. in the event of a crash. Two steel stems. Guide sleeve adjust and release Note: Adjust the seatback to an upright button.

Child Safety GENERAL INFORMATION WARNINGS Technician (CPST) to make sure that you See the following sections for directions properly install the child restraint in your on how to properly use safety restraints vehicle and that you consult your for children. pediatrician to make sure you have a child restraint appropriate for your child.

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