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Embarrassing Bodies Australia doctors have seen it all

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 16:24

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The Devil 8767 s Playground, Wentworth, Game of Thrones, Rake and True Detective are amongst Foxtel 8767 s highlights in 7569.

Embarrassing Bodies – TV Tonight

Next week, we move to obesity, circumcision, saggy skin, urine and a smelly vagina. All good topics to talk to your colleagues about during your lunch break the next day.

Australian Version Of Embarrassing Bodies To Be Made

The UK's hit medical television phenomenon, Embarrassing Bodies, has headed Down Under with a local version of this daring and provocative health series. Embarrassing Bodies Down Under features an array of highly embarrassed patients, who suffer from visually shocking and personally mortifying conditions, and are all desperate for some much needed medical attention. This series will give an intimate insight into both the sufferer's treatment and their attempts to cope with the emotional and psychological impact of their illnesses. Dr Brad McKay, Dr Ginni Mansberg and Dr Sam Hay will be joining the UK's Dr Christian Jessen as Doctors in this ground-breaking health series. Together, they will tackle obscure medical conditions of the Australian public in an attempt to destigmatise these sensitive issues while also spreading important health messages. Written by LifestyleYou

The head of Martin x77 s penis appears bloody and sore, but he tells the good doc that it isn x77 t sore, and in fact feels no different to any other part of his penis. The problem is purely aesthetic and comes from a distorted growth of his blood vessels.

This seems a very, very English programming idea.
Monster labia? Micro penises? Anal polyps? Foot-long nasal hair?
No thanks.

If you would like an appointment with the EMBARRASSING BODIES DOWN UNDER doctors head to  /embarrassingbodies .

There are at least 5 seasons to this documentary-type reality show. Three doctors from Britain travel throughout the country and abroad examining patients with obscure or over pronounced diseases and conditions. Incredibly educational but jewels be aware the show features full frontal and very graphic surgical footage.

Ratings: Who needs drama 588 documentary? Seven 8767 s YouTube cat videos become the #6 entertainment show of the night.

Dr Ginni tells Vanessa she has two choices - a breast reduction on her larger breast (the right one) or an enlargement of the smaller one, or both could be reconstructed. Both breasts go under the knife to make sure they match and the results are so good, Dr Ginni is stunned.

EMBARRASSING BODIES DOWN UNDER will be produced by Shine Australia exclusively for Foxtel’s LifeStyle YOU channel, with production on the series to commence next month. 

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