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That night at Kate's, some friends were over for a poetry reading. She read them a poem about love that she wrote for a flattered Indy. He then left for dinner at Gloria's, where she gave him a watch. After dinner, he went to see Sidney with George and Peggy. While there, she gave him a monogrammed handkerchief. After practice the next day, Indy and George talked about his problem. Indy just couldn't decide what to do.

:Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal

That night as Indy was having supper at Nancy's, he discussed the kidnapping with her father. They figured that the van was probably stolen from wherever the Germans landed. The next day at school, Nancy told Indy that she figured that the Germans landed near the oil refineries at Bayonne and she said she would be going out to investigate. After school, Nancy left for Bayonne, but Indy was held after class. As soon as he could, he followed her, finding her in the dunes along the beach. They picked a spot to hide and wait. High tide came and went, but no German sub showed up. Instead, they spotted two men with guns who turned out to be Brady and another officer.

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Consulting a map, Indy found another line running parallel to them ten miles east. He and Remy headed out. While admiring the beautiful sunset, Remy realized that they had been heading in the wrong direction. As they tried to make their way back to the train, they found an allied camp staffed entirely by old soldiers. Indy and Remy asked to see the commanding officer who turned out to be none other than Captain Frederick Selous , whom Indy had met when he was in British East Africa at age nine. Indy explained to him the situation and Selous promised to take him to his commanders, General Jan Christian Smuts and Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen , and explain the situation.

That night at supper, Indy had a stroke of inspiration. He called Nancy and told her that it wasn't Germans who were after the submarine plans, but the oil companies after the battery plans. They met and headed out to the refinery. They sneaked in and overheard some men discussing Edison's battery. They also found the plans and learned that the letter groupings from the van were part of the phrase "oIL researCH laboratoRY." As they sneaked out, the theft of the plans was discovered. They were spotted by the two sinister men from the chicken farm who gave chase. Indy handed the plans to Nancy and told her to go to the police. Indy headed off their pursuers and was able to trick them into driving their car off a pier. The police showed up and arrested the two men. Brady allowed Indy and Nancy to take the plans back to Dr. Thompson themselves.

6968 found Jones in Arizona. Lost with his fellow scouts in Superstition Mountains , the group investigated a scream emanating from deep within the cavern. [78]

A cyborg, identical to the one who failed to kill Sarah Connor, must now protect her teenage son, John Connor, from a more advanced and powerful cyborg.

Short Round rescued Indy from a pirate attack in the Carribean, where Indy had hoped to find evidence of Atlantis. Back at Marshall College, Elizabeth Cody — granddaughter of 'Buffalo Bill' Cody — asked for Indy's assistance in recovering a pair of antique revolvers stolen days earlier by Russian count, Alexander Salkovich. With the encouragement of Efram Decker from the State Department, Indy and Cody traveled to the Ukraine to hunt down Salkovich and the guns. They were met by a band of Cossacks , whose aging leader Uri Rostoff claimed to have lost the revolvers to Buffalo Bill in a sharpshooting contest decades earlier. Rostoff offered to help recover the guns, as long as Cody agreed to stand in for her grandfather in a rematch.

Meanwhile, Miss Seymour was frantic wondering where Indy was. She called the police, but has little confidence in the police inspector she dealt with. Along their way to a restaurant, Picasso invited along a couple of prostitutes. Indy thought that he should be heading back to the hotel, but Norman convinced him to stay. Picasso had the two prostitutes dance with Norman and Indy while he tried to devise a way to get Degas to sign his painting.

Indy, Henry, Brody and Sallah left the temple, and rode off into the sunset. Indy and his father had found something more important than the Grail – they had found each other again.

On the bus to Paddington Station, he met Vicky Prentiss , a suffragette who was a faretaker. He was impressed when she remained unfazed after a Zeppelin attack. Indy decided that he wanted to see her again and went to a suffragette meeting. There, he was impressed with a speech given by Sylvia Pankhurst and even defended her against the jeers of some men.

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